From the moment you wake up on your wedding day, the clock starts ticking. And your to-do list will be long and tight. You want to keep up with the schedule and have plenty of time to enjoy such an important day in your life. 

But how are you supposed to soak at the moment when most of your day requires you to pose in front of a camera, sit to have hair and makeup done, and then meet and greet over a hundred guests? It would help if you took control of your wedding day, and the best way to do it is by limiting your photoshoot length. As your Byron Bay Wedding photographer, I have a couple of tips to make it work. 

Making sure your wedding does not become one long photo shoot is something you should advise your Wedding photographer. Hopefully you have chosen them because they capture more natural images , you must prioritize your time and not let the photographer take you away from the wedding all day, there is simply no need. You don’t want to be off all afternoon away from the wedding party having photos taken, I guarantee is and there is simply no need.

wedding photographer Gold Coast
Wedding Photographer Gold Coast

While you get ready, your photographer should be capturing candid moments of you and your bridesmaids. But since you are getting ready or having your makeup done, this will not interfere with your timing. It usually takes 40 to 60 minutes, the same time your hair and makeup artist will be working. 

The portraits session should take no longe than 30 mins, and perhaps around 15-20 mins with the bridal party at a maximum. However I know many wedding photographers that literally take the bride and groom away for hours.

Family and bridal party photos or group photos are important, but they tend to be the ones that consume most of your day. As important as they are, you should plan and figure out how many groups need to be ready and communicate to them, so you do not waste precious time of your reception looking for everyone. Schedule about 20 -30minutes for family portraits.

wedding photographer Gold Coast
wedding photographer Gold Coast

While you enjoy your ceremony and reception, your photographer should capture candid guest shots attendants, so enjoy yourself as much as you can. Venue and ceremony details like table setting, entrance signs, and general decoration will be captured before any guests arrive. 

Finally, before the night ends, you can take a moment as a couple to head out and grab a beautiful night shot. That should only take about 15 mins.

If you are looking for Gold Coast wedding photography and videography, or a wedding photographer and videographer in Byron Bay I will be more than happy to meet you and talk about your big plans.