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Believe it or not, I do not pose couples in front of the camera, but rather I interact with them to bring out their true nature as human beings. This goes by giving them un-posed prompts such as exchanging questions and answers that will invoke their emotions.

Today, I’ll be sharing why documentary wedding photographers are taking over the trend in the wedding industry and why as a Byron Bay and Gold Coast Wedding Photographer I take pride in delivering the best possible images to tell your story.

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As much as I’m a big fan of editorial style wedding photography and still incorporate this stye into my images, I believe that the “In-between moments” bring out the real you.  Moments such as stolen kisses on the cheek, surprise looks and hidden gestures, its a long look or a simple smile, its what makes us human and its real, natural and timeless.


Most people don’t like having their picture taken, and the traditional style of having to pose for an entire day can be exhausting for the couples, natural moments enable you to relax on your wedding and what’s better than not having to pretend to be someone who you are not.

byron bay wedding photographer


You only have to look around Instagram to see the same wedding photography, the same poses.  It is common nowadays for wedding photographers to follow the same template for every wedding and make sure they get the same shots. While I follow this rule to some extent to get the must-have photos, it’s important to let the day flow naturally without interruptions. By not orchestrating most of the day photos have a genuine soul and captures interactions and moments with the couples.


Un-posed moments allow the day to happen naturally.  Starting from the early morning of the preparation to the ceremony I will only direct a couple if there are magical pockets of light that occur and I feel that it’s worth directing a shot.   As a wedding photographer on the Gold Coast and Byron Bay, we are blessed with plenty of sunshine so if I see a moment to capture some magical light then I will simply ask you both if you want to go for walk along the beach of through the hills.  My aim is to be delicate throughout the whole day and not boss you around.  It is important for me to read and understand the couple, to not pull them out of a situation with family and friends just so I can get a good image. It’s up to me to use my skills to get that image in the situation they are in. I have often seen couples out for hours in the evening having photos taken and I’ve never understood why. You might as well book a separate photography shoot, balance is the key. If your wedding photographer is asking you how to hold the lipstick during bridal preparations then prepare for a long and tedious day.


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