Running a studio as a Gold Coast wedding photographer and videographer have taught me that this is a common question within couples planning their wedding. Finding the right photographer and videographer for your big day is not an easy task and its important to take your time looking around and finding your dream team.

What if your photographer also offers film, is it a good idea? Does he contract someone in, does he shoot both at the same time ? ( hopefully not ). Naturally, you want the best results when you hire a professional service for your wedding, and to help you make the right decision, we have a couple of thoughts on this matter. 


Hiring the same team for your wedding photography and videography will result in a uniform style. If you want continuity in your pictures and film, you should hire them together. On the other hand, some couples prefer traditional photography and a different approach for their film, like editorial or journalistic. Ask the company if they can offer different styles. Perhaps they accommodate your request. 

Wedding photography and videography
Wedding photography and videography


Many companies offer a better deal when you hire all the services they offer. If you plan a wedding with a restricted budget, hiring the same company can save you some money. Another big plus is that you only need to sign one contract and communicate to one vendor for both services so this can be a huge bonus and time save if you book a wedding photography and videography package with one company.


Verify the team’s previous work, covering wedding photography and videography, requires a skilled group and the appropriate tools. Before making any decision, look at their work and see a complete wedding album and film. Make sure they own the right skills to edit both media. 


Weddings are dynamic events; there are timing and multiple locations to cover. When you hire both services with the same company, you can rest sure that they will plan and execute their work accordingly without bumping into each other. 

The energy between photographer and videographer will be great. While you are reading your vows, the photographer might pause or shoot in silent mode to allow the videographer to capture every word. There is no competition but teamwork. Both parts will work with a common goal, which you need on such an important day. 

Wedding photography and videography
Tweed coast wedding photographer, Tweed coast wedding Photographer


If you found the ideal wedding photographer and it happens to be also a videographer, the stars aligned for you, look no further. Finding vendors that make you feel comfortable and understand your vision is no easy task. It is a crucial characteristic you must look for in a wedding photographer and videographer since you will share most of the day with them and personal moments.  

In conclusion, my advice is to define if you want uniformity within your wedding pictures and film. If you do, look for someone who has the experience to cover both aspects of your event and enjoy having to communicate with one vendor instead of two.  

And if you are still looking for your wedding photographer and videography package to cover your upcoming Byron Bay, Gold Coast, or Tweed Coast wedding, I am more than happy to sit with you, enjoy a cup of coffee, talk about you’re looking for .