Finding the right photographer for a big celebration such as your wedding day is always challenging. It would be best if you found a professional wedding photographer that suits your style has a great reputation, and most importantly, someone who is available for your wedding date. 

After you do all the research to know what you like and start interviewing potential photographers, a question will appear soon, how much should you pay for this service? Especially if you receive substantially different numbers from the photographer you like. 

Tweed Coast Wedding Photographer

How much should I invest in wedding photography? 

First, you need to sit down as a couple and discuss how important wedding photos are for you. Maybe even make a top 5 list of the main vendors you need to hire for your wedding. This will let you know how much you should invest. 

On average, 80% of your wedding budget will be spent on the following categories: 

  • Venue, including rental, catering, drinks, and cake.  
  • Photography and Videography. 
  • Entertainment, ceremony, and reception music. 
  • Decoration, including flowers, rentals, and lighting.  
  • Wedding attire, wedding dress, hair and makeup, accessories, and groom suit. 

Suppose you manage to assign a percentage of your budget for each, considering each category’s importance. In that case, you will have a real number of how much you can invest in your wedding photographer. 

Byron Bay Wedding Photographer

What is the average cost of a wedding photographer on the Gold Coast? 

A Gold Coast wedding photographer will range between £3000 and £5000. But when it comes to your wedding photographer, many factors come into the equation, for example, the location of your wedding. If you are getting married at a remote location, that might add to the bill. 

You can find higher and lower rates depending on their experience, location, included services, and hours of coverage. Make sure you read many reviews and see even more samples of their work before signing the contract.

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer


Every photographer offers different packages and services. You can find affordable prices that include only one shooter, a limited number of edited photos, or no edition at all, and few hours of service. You should hire a skilled photographer capable of editing your photos the way you want them and who is also flexible when it comes to covering your event. 


Experience is another crucial factor when you hire a photographer. Wedding photographers know the logistics of a wedding. Weddings are events like no others, and there are specific moments to capture that will not come back. An experienced photographer will know what is coming next and will be prepared to shoot at the precise moment he is supposed to.  

Why hiring a professional wedding photographer?

While it might sound tempting to spend less by hiring an amateur or saving big time by asking your cousin to the pictures, that can come at a higher cost. Keep in mind that a professional will show up on time, will be prepared for any inconvenience, will have the right skills and equipment, and most importantly, he will take a weight off your shoulders by keeping you calm and doing a great job capturing every moment of your love story. 

Byron Bay Wedding Photographer

If you are still looking for a wedding photographer that fulfills all your requirements for your upcoming Byron Bay or Tweed Coast wedding, please make sure you contact me. I will be more than happy to sit down, have a coffee and start planning your wedding photography