The first look when the bride and groom see each other in an intimate and romantic setting is always a highlight of the day for the couple. I totally recommend making time for this special moment. 

While it always talked about how great a first look is for wedding photography I haven’t seen much discussed about how a first look is wonderful to capture for wedding videography, so I thought I’d share my ideas on why you should seriously consider putting the first look into the wedding day schedule.

It is true that the first look is wonderful for bridal photos. For the wedding video, it’s totally epic too. 

For the storytelling aspect of a video, a first look flows beautifully with getting ready. The tension builds as you see the groom standing alone and looking nervous and excited at the same time. As he waits for his bride to arrive and tap him on the shoulder it truly must feel like an eternity. 

Then the couple sees each other and it is so intimate and romantic. Some laughter, tears and hugging and then we get a little time to capture video footage of your last moments together as an engaged couple. Your fiancĂ© will be your husband or wife the next time you hug and hold hands like that. It is a time to be treasured. 

For wedding videography, a first look is a wonderful way to add an extra layer to the love story that is told on your wedding day. As a Gold Coast wedding photographer and videographer, I can confidently say the first look is great for the photos and video. 

You will look back on that part of the day as well as many others that happen during your best day ever and the feelings of excitement and love will rush back. Who wouldn’t want to live those moments over and over again? Take look at the beautifil film below to see how good a first look can me

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