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A candid moment of an emotional bride from a beautiful Sydney wedding
Byron Bay Wedding Photographer

Crying uncontrollably is among the many wedding day happenings a bride worries about along with forgetting her vows and tripping over while walking down the aisle. For the groom, he might also feel a little overwhelmed at the thought of crying in front of all the important people in his life.

From a photography and videography point of view, crying is wonderful. In the nicest possible way, I have to admit I always hope for those emotional tears. If they come during getting ready, exchanging rings or during reception speeches I am documenting the moment as one of my favorites.

The reason is the pure raw emotion. Crying is such a beautiful and sentimental reaction. It can’t be planned and often it isn’t expected. It just arrives, ready or not, like the biggest wave of the day in an ocean of beautiful moments.

Tearful Bride at Gold Coast wedding
Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

So feel free to cry and if you don’t shed a few tears by dinner my assistant will be chopping onions under the table when you give your speech. Just kidding! Not everyone cries and that is okay too!

For my brides, if you do cry let’s protect the wonderful work your make-up artist has done. Always gently pat the tears away and never wipe them as it will cause streaks. If your make-up artist can stay for touchups after the ceremony it’s worth the extra investment, especially if you know you probably will cry. Or at least have some make-up to touch up yourself before we start the couple portrait session

Gold Coast wedding photographer
Byron Bay Wedding Photographer

When a bride or groom cry it often triggers guests to cry too. As a Gold Coast wedding photographer I often see the vendors shed a few tears too. So don’t worry about crying. It’s a lovely expression of many emotions that comes from the heart and it looks beautiful in wedding photography and videography too.

If you are looking for a Byron Bay wedding photographer or videographer drop me a line soon to discuss your wedding. I can’t wait to hear from you!